Saturday, 20 February 2010

More Waxwings less Goldcrest

Friday afternoon got off early to eventually look at the Waxwings. The weather was not the greatest but got some really good views seeing (counted 36 of them at one stage) them from all angles. But even with the wonders of modern technology I didnt do much to the pics as demonstrated by the one below.

Woke up Saturday morning, loads of snow and no clouds. I didnt have a business appointment (hoping to see a Goldcrest till about 10) til later so shot up to Ashington again. No one around but spotted about a dozen flying around then another flock of a dozen or so. Got quite close to them in 2 or 3 different locations but still didnt find the Rowan Trees they were feeding on. Saw Alan Ts pics of a tree with a few berries on and saw him arrive just prior to me leaving and the people that were there ealy didnt know where they were either. Anyway the following pics, I think, are better than my normal happy snap so was quite pleased.

Then shot off for my appointment and an observation test (which I failed miserable) of trying to spot 1 dead and 2 live "Wildlife items". Yes, I passed (NOT), didnt spot the water vole with a couple of punctures in it on top of the bird box (Hells Bells Im not very big as one description of me by a former colleague was "you cant miss him, vertically and horizontally challenged and the missing folicles on his head can be found on his chin" and nearly missed the following until
given really big hints. I did manage to say that I thought they were Tortoiseshell but was corrected as most of you will know that I was only 50% right.

Anyway couldn't resist putting this lovely pic of "Wilhemina No Mates" Teal which wandered around all alone for most of the time that I was there on the frozen Big Waters.

Then went to look for the Goldcrest which as someone said to me will end up being your bogey bird and guess what........... quite a few Coal Tits BUT NO GOLDCREST. Thanks (yet again) for the informative tour AJ which is like being with a entertaining Encyclopia of Birds and Wildlife.
Have now succumbed to the dreaded Tick Lists and whilst out today realised what I have done when I listened to a conversation. 2 chaps came up to me and a birder I was standing beside and said "Hi (to the chap I was talking to) Im up to 129 what you doing" "on 156" said he proudly, the other chap said "thats good for this time of the year, Im on 132". I didnt say a THING (my year count of 98 (Waxwing included) and 22 for my garden, with 23 for work (the last 2 only include birds that touch down (except Grey Herons)) seemed to be paltry.
PS have disguised the numbers said by the chaps to preserve anonimity.
No Birding today unfortunately, off to a Birthday (my sons), Baptism (Grandsons), Wedding Anniversary (Wifes Sister).
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