Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Early Morning Walk

Decided to go for an early morning walk round Leazes Park but even at 0650 it was bloody impossible to find a parking place so decided to have a walk round the College Campus when it is all quiet. The first thing I noticed was Redwing, they seemed to be everywhere and in the space of 40mins I saw about 15 of them.

Then I came across a couple of Mistle Thrushes which at first I thought were the normal 2 that warble away just outside my office each morning but walking a few yards and raising the bins I could see at least one of them perched in the usual place so there must be more than I thought knocking around.

A trot down to the bottome of the hill brought a few delightful Goldfinch which were flitting from treetop to the ground and back again.

30m further along were another 4 Redwing on a open piece of ground and when I examined the ground where they all had been I detected various bits of seed and remnants of a Fat Ball so decided to carry on the tradition with a couple of handfuls from my ever present bag.

Also spotted several Blackbirds, a few starlings, chaffinches, dunnock but didnt see any Robins. Finally as I approached the Office a Mute Swan flew right past my window, now if only I had been there.
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