Sunday, 7 March 2010

Gosforth Nature Reserve

Up and away early and after a spin round quite a few places including Cresswell, Druridge and Big Waters I decided to have a nice long walk round Gosforth Nature Reserve. Went to the Pyle Hide and had just sat down when out popped a Water Rail, it appeared twice more within the next 10 mins and just pottered around without doing the normal dash for cover.

The 3rd time it came out it strutted about half way across the gap then just took off and skimmed over the top of the reeds and dissappeared. Straining my tiny little mind I came to the conclusion that it is the first time I have ever seen one fly.

Wandred over to the other pool where I thought the Water Rail had headed for and came across a couple of very angry Mute Swans chasing some birds I couldnt see, but after a couple of minutes of only glancing the Swans through the reeds..

..a Candada Goose flew onto the top of the Sand Martin Wall and stayed there for over 10mins with the 2 Swans making some rather loud noises. Eventually the Swans gave up although the Canada was still on the wall some 20 mins after the Swans had calmed down.

A good walk round the lakes and hides was had spotting Goosander, Teal, Wigeon, Gray Heron, Moorhen, Coot, Mallard, and Cormorant. Onto the Feeding station where there seemed to be a plethora of Coal Tits and Great Tits with several Long Tailed Tits putting in appearances..

Also at least three Nuthatches were back and forward like yoyos.

Also seen during my wander was a Wren which have been quite scarce recently, a couple of Bullfinches, a GSWoodpecker, a few Lesser Redpoll and several Roe Deer. I also came across several signs of the Otters although I have yet to see one there. The place never ceases to keep me on my toes never knowing what will appear next.
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