Sunday, 7 March 2010

Great Birding But The Ice Cream Could Have Been Better

06.45 Sunday Morning and my first Dipper. John (Segedunum Warbler)and I went to the Derwent by the Tennis club and spotted one within 5 minutes. It led us a little dance up and down from the Weir to the Bridge a couple of times but we saw it dive a couple of times also. Still a bit dark for decent pics but what a great bird. We also flushed out a pair of Goosander which motored off quite quickly down the river.
We eventually got a bit closer and it was a bit lighter so a bit better (ish) piccy.

We then went up to Far Pastures, vowing not to stay as long as last time. From the Hide we observed a couple of Snipe, a Little Grebe, Coot, Moorhen, Mallard and that was it. From the Car Park lots of Bullfinches, Coal, Long Tailed, Great and Blue Tits, Robins and looking through into the Sewage Works we saw Pied and Grey Wagtails. The best bird around in my opinion was the singing Dunnock.

Next stop was the Lamesley Reed Beds where the air was filled with singing of many birds and this lovely Song Thrush was no exception.

Saw a multitude of Robins but didnt hear the Cettis Warbler which I had been boning up on its singing and calling on my IPOD as we walked down.

Shot along the road a couple of hundred metres to the Sewage Works where just peering through the gate was so enjoyable, watching the Pied Wagtails and Magpies sitting on the wires of the filter beds pretending it was the Hoppings. John counted over 30 Pied at one stage. We also saw a couple of Grey Wagtails and several Meadow Pipits.

We then shot off to Lamesley Water Meadows which was mainly populated with Lapwings although there was the normal Moorhens, Coots and variety of Gulls and after a quick wander round the nature reserve we shot off back home as John had visitors.

Being the dutiful husband when I got home I asked my beloved if she fancied a meal out (standing there in 4 layers of clothing (a bit soiled now), wellies (covered in mud), stupid camo hat (turned up at the front to let me look (like a dork) through the bins and cam lens) but being so irrestible she immediately said yes but stated only on the proviso that it was Fish and Chips down the Fish Quay as I wasnt fit to be seen with in a restaurant without being de-gunged (She know I just love this Romantic wordplay).

Well the place was bloody packed but eventually got the food after waiting 20mins in the queue but looking around at some of the other I thought I looked quite respectable. Off to the Car Park and got the last space so sat and filled my empty belly. It was at this stage we found out (via Radio Newcastle) that there was to be a 21 Gun Salute in celebration Of Admiral Collingwoods 200th birthday so we decided to sit and enjoy the Sun and do a bit of scoping the Gulls. We also gave the birds our remnants (not enough to feed a sparrow actually)

To cut a long story short the 21 Gun Salute turned out to be a 3 bang affair, a real anticlimax and there was a lot of people there brought along by the Hype although I later found out HMS Cumberland did fire a 19 Gun Salute but not where and when we were told. But as I sat there I did see some strange fashion trends. The amount of "Young Uns" walking with their trousers nearly as low as their testicles was unbelievable.

These 2 gentlemen were obviously not advertising their "Barbers" although I wish they were so I could give it a miss.

Knowing how to treat my women I decided on a late pudding (99 Sugar Cone), it was one of those Mr Whippy things which is not a patch on Cresswell Ices, or Seaton Deleval Ices or even the legendary Minchellas but then as they say "There is no such thing as bad Ice Cream, just some are better than others".
So a great days birding was brought to an end with an average Ice Cream.

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