Sunday, 25 April 2010

My First Tawny

Saturday and off to Big Waters, first new bird  I came across was a Common Tern which whirled around the pond for a good hour:

Also on view were a pair of Gadwall, the pair of Great Crested Grebe, a Little Grebe, a Goldeneye, several Greylag Geese and 4 Canada Geese, the Geese being obligatorily chased by the resident pair of Mute Swans:
Also there were 4 Wigeon which kept taking off and returning back to the exact same spot at least a dozen times:
Stayed till after Midday then headed home to see the beloved and a bite to eat.  Immediately after refuelling I headed to St Marys but I think there was more people there that there was at a small shindig going on at St James in Town.  Did stop for a few minutes though as there was a Kestrel putting on a bit of a show over the parking places outside the stone Screen.  Got several good pictures but mucked around with one with Photo Perfect (cant afford Photo Shop) and ended up with this arty looking affair:
Headed up to Prestwick Carrs where I had a few sightings of a Female Marsh Harrier with the standard crap picture from quite a distance:
Then after being after being pointed by Paddy in the direction of an obliging Willow Warbler I headed up the track scanning around and just a glimpse of movement made me scan the trees, something didnt look right and after about 2 minutes moving around I finally figured out it was an Owl.  Got the others to come up and then Peter arrived also.  Very difficult to photograph but got a few shots when it just moved the odd centimetre to show a bit more of itself and the sun decided to shine for a few seconds.
Also got my first decent glimpses of the pair of Redstart (thanks to Peter PC Wanderings) but couldn't get a Lens near them at all. 
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