Sunday, 11 April 2010

Nice Weather on Saturday with a Couple of Nice Birds

Saturday morning, bit of a late start and headed to Big Waters.  Beautiful Great Crested Grebe serenely sailed around the pond for a couple of hours and no matter what else I looked at and there was a fair bit on or passing through my eyes were always drawn to the Grebe.  No good shots unfortunately but got this great shot of a couple of Goldfinches on my way out:
I also saw my first 2 butterflies of the year, a Comma and a Small Tortoiseshell.  I then popped home to do my dutiful husband bit as she was a little under the weather.  After sorting a few things out, getting the papers she then insisted that I go out and enjoy myself, didnt take a lot of persuading so shot of to St Marys for a couple of hours.   I immediately found (lucked into is a better description) a pair of Gargeney (thanks Alan) but as usual I managed to get a bloody awful record shot: 
Not long afterwards a couple of Sandwich Terns flew into view and settled down on the rocks just below the promenade affording us some great views.
The fox was then spotted inside the Nature Reserve just ambling about without a care in the world.  Then all of a sudden another one appeared and what at first appeared to be a bit of playfighting started but then it seemed to turn nasty and then a big chase ensued with the larger of the two eventually strolling back and the other one was not seen again.

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