Friday, 9 April 2010

By God The Weather is Getting Better

Thursday Morning 06.30 and a quick walk along part of the Tyne near the Business Park as a nice chill-out before a day in the office.   Not a breath of wind and the Tyne looked at a standstill.  The first thing noticeable was a few Mallards scattered widely about:
Then a few Redshanks wandering around at the edges although not as many as usual, although thinking about it there have only been a handful for the last couple of weeks.
As I walked along quite a few Gulls headed West up the river including a few Lesser Black Backed.  Then a bit of a suprise, I came across 7 Ringed Plover, haven't seen them here for a while:
There were also several Black Headed Gulls around looking very nice now.  Moving on I could see a couple of Shelduck across the other side and a few more Redshanks, a single swan meandered its way east.
Also saw several pair of Teals, dotted along the banks
Nothing spectacular but  just to have a 40min walk in lovely sunshine, no wind, and amazing scenery is spectacular in itself.  Spent a couple of hours relaxing in the Garden in the afternoon taking pics and this little bugger kept running along the top of the fence and jumping onto one of the bird tables, helping himself to some biscuit and shooting off again.
These 2 Collared Doves could be the ones that City Birder had in his garden a couple of days ago:

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