Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Arcot, Gosforth, ASDA !!

Sunday morning off sharp to Arcot, bad weather so didnt expect much and wasnt dissappointed.  A few Goldfinches buzzing around and several Canada Geese popping in and out.  A Shoveller arrived after my intitial scan of the pond and a couple of Grey Herons also.  Walk round the bushes produced at least 3 Sedge Warblers one of which was determined to hide from my lens but after sitting for about 15 mins with it staying in the same bush it eventually started becoming inquisitive enough to get a few pics:
Then I moved onto Gosforth Park, upon arrival a Swallow sitting on the wire across the entrance was a pleasant suprise:

As I started walking down the Left Hand path (West I think) in the field to the left were a load of Swallows screaming up and down.  I decided to sit on the bank and watch them and "attempt" to take a few pics.  2 hrs later I was still there with still at least 15 Swallows still flying up and down no more than inches from me.  The photos as usual  unfortunately did not turn out as good as hoped (I must have taken about 600 and deleted 590 whilst sitting there):

Unfortunately I spent so much time doing this that I only had time for a quick walk round, seeing plenty though including Treecreeper, Wrens (seems to much more around now) Blackcap, a beautiful Kestrel which floated over the Canopies of the trees for quite a while, several Woodpeckers and a couple of Nuthatches (not at the feeding station).  Then had to go home for a rest as the next morning was an early start 3am rise and 4.30am departure with Segedunum Warbler and also to buy a little book from ASDA (15p my arse Alan, £2 (leather bound, proper elastic wrap, not a BT throw away elastic band and page tag with lines both up and down the page)) so I can record my daily birding exploits (a list basically) as when I come to write things my 1TB brain has developed some FAT faults and is only running with a lot of Bad Sectors so cant remember everything.
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