Monday, 17 May 2010

A Red-Le(tter)gged Day

Sunday up to Bothal Pond for a quick visit where the Warblers seemed to be out in force in the hedges beside the small flash but the only Wood I saw was the bit this beauty was observing the world from.
Then went for a spin round Cresswell and the first thing I spotted were 9 Common Sandpiper by the flash next to the Travellers Camp.  I had never seen that many together before.  Could only get 6 of them in the shot as they split up

At Snab Point there were about 25 Eider pottering about with a large flock of assorted Gulls.  There were also a few Meadow Pipits on the wires along the road.
Not a lot on the pond apart from a Mallard with a few chicks, a Grey Heron on the Causeway and a Linnet.  Went to the beach and as I walked across the dune about a dozen Shelduck took to the air.  Too many people and dogs on the beach with a couple of Oystercatchers trying to keep away from them.  On my wander back I espied a Kestrel so watched it through the bins for about a minute when all of a sudden I was knocked backwards.  There was a Staffy panting in front of me.  A "mature" lady shouted dont worry young man he does that to people, my reply was if he does why dont you keep him on a lead then or bloody train him not to, she said well people always tease him and he likes it, "WAS I TEASING HIM" I shouted.  Oh you Brutal Man she replied there is no reason to take that attitude.  I walked away with her shouting how rude I was.  There was another chap with a dog on a lead and he stopped me as I walked on and said that dog runs all over the place and gives us other Dog Walkers a bad name.  Had to return to Laverock Farm to get some bird feed so after dropping it off at the house and a quick cuppa with the Beloved I went over to Lamesley again for a walk round the Lanes and was glad I did.  My first Red-Legged Partridge, spotted them just wandering around and stood still while they came closer, got some great views through the binoculars but managed to get a couple of  outstanding quality pictures "record shots"
Well that was the end of a shortened day but with a tally of 49 species its not too bad
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