Saturday, 15 May 2010

No Wood Yet

Saturday morning 0500 and I decided to have a good walk round Lamesley including the Reed Beds, Meadows and Water Pastures.  It was a beautiful morning
but soon had to take a layer of clothing off (wow spring must be here).  Didnt bother with the hide just walked round the outskirts hoping to see behind all the hillocks and down the various dips for the Wood Sandpiper but for the fourth time I dipped again.  Plenty of birds around though including Lapwing, Redshank, Swallows and the inevitable Chiff Chaff two-toning away where ever I was:
A walk down to the Reed Beds meant lots of Reed Buntings
 singing either side of the path along with many other songs which I still cant match with their owners yet.  At the viewing points there were many birds on view including Grey Lag, Canada, Tufties, Moorhen, Coot, Mallard and Shelduck.
There was a lot of movement of Greylag Geese also but they seemed to be just taking off then doing a quick spin round the Lamesley area then returned to the 2 ponds.
Also noted there was quite a lot of single Swallows spread around the area on the various wires that run around the roads.
There was also quite a few Swifts flying overhead although they all seemed to be heading in a North Westerly direction.  Headed back towards the Water Meadows encountering several species on the way including Tree Pippits which at first I mistakenly identified (wheres a bloody birder when you need one)as Skylark as they were way up singing then parachuted down.  I checked my "Record Shots" which were too bad to keep even for me and confirmed it.  Then some good views of a couple of Whitethroats
Then went for a walk round the meadows area where I came across more Whitethroats and Meadow Pippits.  Had another wander round the Water Pastures but still no Wood.  Great morning, great weather (how long wil it last)
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