Saturday, 12 June 2010

Too Much Work

Not done much this week, even most of my early morning sessions have been curtailed.  Did get a trip to Killingworth to see the Great Crested Grebes.  This chick is getting on quite well and in the 10mins we watched it must have had 5 fish to itself whilst the other 2 chicks just paddled around.

On the other side of the lake is another pair but they only have 1 chick which was born a lot later.  Johnny Kinsons Blog has some great pictures of them.
Back in the Garden the routine goes on, this Blackbird tends to pop onto the top of the Shed and takes a breather before taking the food he has collected to the chicks in the nest or possible the female as I havent heard any squealing yet from the direction of the nest.
Also a rare visitor to the garden is this Song Thrush which popped in one afternoon and stayed for 30 mins then left and has not been seen since.
Went out to West Hartford this morning for an hour and bumped into "The Master of Innuendo" and  Crammy Birder.  They told me of the Quail that had been there yesterday but no joy as The Jinx (Me) had arrived.  Also on the other side of the patch was Andy C and a couple of others.  After a while I had to go to Big Waters and was just wandering off when I heard Crammy shout and I turned around and there was a Red Squirrel sitting on a log not 2m behind me, up came the camera but it was away at a tremendous pace.  I did get what Crammy Birder generously called a record shot, I personally call it 3 inches of red blob but it did move at a fair lick with its head bobbing up and down as it sort of "vaulted" over small obstacles

Went up to Big Waters next to see how Alan and John were getting on with the ringing.  On the pond was yet another pair of Great Crested Grebes with 2 young (extremely small) both riding around on the parents back whilst the other parent kept feeding the with some fish that were nearly as big as the chicks.  They just couldn't get them down so the female eat them and Dad had to go and get some more suitable sized ones.  The highlight of the bird ringing was a close up view of a Garden Warbler.

Finally for the day one of my favourite little mammals, the Bank Vole, it was in and out all the time in the feeding station.
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