Wednesday, 9 June 2010

New Hat Day

Following on from the last blog we ended up on Inner Farne, hadn't intended to go really but it was such a nice day and Carole is such a crap sailor I felt we had to take advantage of the really sunny weather and flat seas (I'm typing this atm with the wind howling round the building, rain absolutely p*****g down and the heating is on - the British Summer, don't you just love it).   First task was to get the beloved to wear a hat, she didnt like any of the 5 I have in the car so had to buy a new one.  She was quite happy with it till she saw 3 other people on the boat wearing the same one LOL.  Going out there the oohhss and aahhss were soon heard as the she saw a seal.
The appreciation of the wildlife got even louder when she saw the Puffins and Guillemots racing across the wave tops.  Then when we landed she said to me I thought you were exagerating about the Terns as usual but now I know you were not.   The draw knot on the hat was pulled really tight as we walked up the path with her looking the least fashion conscious (I was really laughing myself silly at the hat) of the two of us for a change.  The Terns seemed to make a beeline for her (her words) and enabled me to get a couple of quick shots
It wasnt too bad when we got to the cliffs and she managed to appreciate the birds and we took some great pictures

There was one upsetting moment when a Black Backed Gull managed to grab a Puffin Chick from a burrow and then proceeded to try and down it in one only 5m from a crowd of us.  There were gasps from the people around and some ladies were shouting at it to put it down.  My arm was gripped tight by Carole who was nearly sobbing but I did manage to console her afterwards (This was the main topic on the return journey about how terrible the Gulls are).  The hour on the island seemed to whizz by and soon we were heading back to the boat where once again Carole was absolutely hammered by the Terns but at least no deposits were left as there were plenty that did receive the white bombardment treatment.

The next day she did complain about her head hurting but personally I think it was the bottle of wine that was demolished when we got home. 
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