Thursday, 24 June 2010

Trip Round The Garden (and the Derwent)

A few shots from the Garden from the last few days.  The first one shows a Blackbird sitting on our Rotary Clothes Dryer.  The Beloved made me buy one for her about 4 years ago, I think it had clothes on it a couple of times in the first year, since then it has become a Rotary Hangout for the birds of the street.  I have personally seen over 50 mixed types of birds there at the same time.
We tend to see quite a few Swifts between 16-1700 each day lately although they dont normally come as low as this one
We put out bread for the Magpies who pick it up take it to one of the Water Bowls for a bit of dunking, leave it there for about a minute then fly off with it.  Sometimes though the other members of the various clans in the garden whose eyes are bigger than their stomachs have a go at a bit of pilfering.
Next is this occassional visitor to the Garden, lets hope it comes a bit more often and brings some of his mates to serenade us.

We have an Allsorts tray in which anything goes and normally within a couple of minutes the Gulls are there, especially the Herring Gulls followed by the Lesser Black Backed Gulls.  I think this one was rice and potatoes.
Life outside the Garden goes on as well, a trip up the Derwent area with Carole who spotted most of the birds first and then I identified them (LOL).  We saw Dippers, Goosander, Pied Wagtail, and many others including this Grey Wagtail (No matter how bad, any pic of a Grey Wagtail is a good one).
Good views of a Jay and some decentish pics for a change

Dont they look like "Mario the Plumber"

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