Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Wife Tries Her Hand at Insect Photography

Saturday afternoon managed to drive through the Teesdale/Weardale area after visiting relatives in Darlington with the beloved saying how come it takes 45mins to get to Darlington and 3hrs 20mins to get back.  Anyway she was quite happy as the first birds we got some great views of was Red Grouse.  Of course she was more interested in the little fluffy bundles that were running round near the road with Mammy and Daddy observing from a discreet distance.
There were also several Curlews, Lapwings and Oystercatchers around although the Curlews tend to keep their distance
We then stopped off at Low Barns for a quick walk round where a couple of Nuthatches kept us entertained for 5 mins in the Feeding Station along with the usual occupants.
And this gorgeous (well soon to be) young tit
Also came across this Moth (I think it is anyway) which was on the outside window of one of the hides but couldnt get a good pic as the beloveds macro camera had decided it needed more power from Mr Duracell and they were in the car
Finally on the way out there was a mole trying to climb the kerb but it kept falling off so gave it a helping hand into the wood.
Although I said "Finally" my beloved just reminded me that she had taken a few pics before the Duracells Died so here are a couple of her David Baileys which whilst I am pretty crap at Bird IDs my insectty thingie IDs stands at GCSE Grade U
I think this is a Speckled Wood
Common Blue Damselfly
No idea on this one
Some sort of Hoverfly
Initially thought this was a 4 Spotted Chaser but the colours dont look right then changed my mind completely and came up with Emerald Damselfly then realised it isnt Emerald(ish) so god knows
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