Monday, 7 June 2010

Up To Nanny With A Nanny

Last Friday morning the beloved decided to join me for a trip to Newton and the Farnes.  We set off at 0630 and by 0730 she had me pulled over in High Newton deciding which plants to buy from the roadside stall when we had finished at Long Nanny.   The first thing we got a glimpse of when getting out of the car was a young Pigeon/Collared Dove (I say Pigeon/she says Collared Dove - John please settle the discussion).  It was a quick point and shoot so its all blurred but Carole insists she saw an Adult Collared Dove a few yards away.  
Carol then snapped this marvellous coloured Moth, well I think its a Moth and it never moved at all even though we were watching other things from the same spot and were there for over a couple of minutes.
She then also got this gorgeous pic of a Meadow Pipit
Moving onto Long Nanny the mist still hadn't shifted and at times you could only see a few feet in front of you and the dampness in the air was leaving films of moisture on the cameras (good excuse for crap pictures that one).  There was quite a lot of activity at the Nanny with Crows flying over and putting just about every bird in the place that wasn't sitting on an egg up.  It actually was quite spectacular to watch (when you could see it through the mist) and once again she got the best of a bad bunch of shots starting with this stunning pic an absolutely delightful subject
Next were the Terns, unfortunately only the Artics managed to get within camera range and at times it was hard to see the sticks that had been put out for the Terns to land on.

On our way back to the car a lovely looking Catepillar blocked our paths until i managed to get it to climb up a piece of greenery then deposit it the undergrowth
Arriving back at the Car Park this delightful young Song Thrush was sitting on the signpost calling for what I presume was food.  It was there for a good 10minutes and was still there when we departed.
We then set off and immediately in front of us when exiting the Car Park was a Stoat scurrying all over the place but eventually managed to get a snap of it
Then after stopping at the roadside plant stall and filling the boot up with plants off we went to Seahouses.
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