Monday, 5 July 2010

Big Waters, Lamesley and Washington

Saturday morning a trip to Big Waters and first bird I spotted was a Reed Warbler showing quite well on the rushes in front of the hide.
Just by the side of the hide was a Mallard with several chicks having a nice laze in the sun:
They got up and wandered into the feeding station and started having a peck around when like a flash of lightning a Mink ran in and grabbed one of the chicks and ran off clinging onto it.   The Female Mallard went absolutely bananas chasing around and all the other chicks headed off as fast as they could to the lake.   The Female continued to cluck away and the Mink ran back across the Feeding Station but without the chick.    It came out and ran across another 2 times in the next 20mins then was not seen again.   It moved very fast and got several shots of it but unfortunately not sharp to say the least.

Sunday went for a wander round Lamesley, Kibblesworth and ended up at Beamish.  Quite a good morning clocking up 37 species in a couple of hours including Red-Legged Partridge, several Whitethroat, Sparrowhawk, Kestrel and Red Kite.  I then decided to have a couple of hours at Washington WWT.   On the Wader Lake the 2 Avocet were just lazing around with their 2 Chicks.  The wind was beginning to get very strong and was great watching the Terns, Grey Herons and Curlews trying to carry on with their daily business.   Just a few pictures from the visit:
Coot and Chick
The new Feeding Station
Tern Fishing
Some new carvings which I had not seen before
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