Friday, 9 July 2010

Green This and Green That

Just a few items from the last 5 days, been busy at work (first session of enrolment) so haven't had time to do a lot.   First shot is from the Tyne on Tuesday where there was quite a lot of Birds around.  Tried for ages to get a pic of one of the young Lapwings but they just wouldn't come close enough.
Then a wander down to the Tyne Bridge to see how the Kittiwakes are getting on.  The youngsters look as though some of them are ready to go as they get up and wander to the side of the nest.  I think it is now nearly 4 weeks since the first eggs hatched so it shouldn't be long now.
Meanwhile at work there was lots of young Tits, Goldfinches and especially Dunnocks around.   I think the first thing their parents showed them was the Feeders as I am now refilling them twice a week at least and lots of Fatballs also.
Wednesday early morning at Lamesley where the first thing I come across are a couple of Red-Legged Partridge only feet from me as I walk down the road.  As usual impatience gets the better of me and a grab for the camera alerted them to my presence but still got a couple of decent shots.
Further along the road I saw 2 little bundles drop from a nest box and flutter onto a bush and just sit there.  They looked a bit big to be just fledging but what do I know but cute is the only word to describe them.
There is always a lot of low flying Swifts around there also so one of my best shots to date of one
Also whilst there I thought I spotted a Greenshank at the far end of the Water Meadows but was not confident to claim it as a tick.  I was also suprised to see several Snipe moving around in the open a first for Lamesley (for me anyway).  In the evening the wife and I went for a meal at the Plough in Killingworth and of course as the Beehive Flash is directly on the route back I (wife was too full and was resting in the car)went to have a look only taking my bins.  Immediately I saw some Godwits and a Green Sandpiper.  Knew immediately it was a Green Sandpiper but was not sure about the Godwits.  So shot back to the car for the book and the Camera.  When I got back the Sandpiper flew directly over my head towards the coast but after consulting the book and a few distance pics I was convinced there were 10 Black Tailed Godwits.
Next morning was on the way to the Derwent when I heard that Dunston Staithes had been set alight the previous evening and there were 10 Fire Engines attending.  Went down to my usual spot just opposite the staithes and there was a proliferation of Birds, 40 Curlew, 9 Grey Herons, loads of Lapwing, Redshanks etc etc all on the North side.   Further down the river a Seal was resting near the sailing ship.  The Staithes didn't look too bad till I got the bins on them and saw the Firemen pulling bits down.  It does look quite dangerous in places so no doubt the Authorities will pull it down because of Health and Safety whereas I would only pull down the bit that joins it to the shore to stop the toerags getting on to it or put the toerags on it then pull it down.
Finally on Friday morning another wander round Lamesley.  One of the first things spotted was the Greenshank and managed the worst pic of the week for the best bird.

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