Monday, 9 August 2010

Big Waters (Again)

Spent most of the weekend at Big Waters (all Saturday and Sunday 6-2) and what a super time.  Plenty of birds and plenty of company, all of it good.   The first pic is a Little Grebe, one of 4 that is presently circumnavigating the lake.
Next another Little Grebe having a good old shake
Next up on the catwalk is the delightful Willow Warbler which seem to be one of the most prolific species around Big Waters atm
I feel a deja vu coming on here as the next pics are of a Reed Warbler and this post seems to remind me of my last one.  Watched the Reed Warbler take 2 White Butterflies then scoff them down hidden in the reeds and only come up to try and catch more. 
This next pic shows it searching for another one with a tidbit of the last one still visible on its beak
On Sunday morning arrived early and as I opened the window a Kingfisher flew by.   It was to put in an appearance 7 times over the next 3 hours perching for up to 15mins at a time, unfortunately for the other avid Kingfisher watchers I was the only one there for its first 6 visits.
Dropped into Gosforth Park for an hour, lots of people around because of the Newcomers Day but still managed to see a couple of Deer very near the entrance, and an hour in the Pyle hide was very relaxing.  The Swans were having a stretch finishing their run up just in front of the hide with some great views.

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