Monday, 2 August 2010

The Bird, the Owl and AJs Big 200

Its 05.32 on the way to Kibblesworth and Im watching a Sedge Warbler through gap in the hedge when I hear distant sounds, after a couple of minutes 3 young ladies and 3 young gentlemen dressed in assorted PJs, Duvets and Dressing Gowns and carrying remnants of a "Night Picnic!!" strolled past where I was standing and the first young lady threw off her duvet! and said "you dont have to look for any more birds cos I'm the best bird around here" then off they tramped through the woods towards Kibblesworth. 
I did find a better bird though just a few minutes later
and next morning it was still knocking around also.
Moved on to Far Pastures where the only bird I saw was  the Kingfisher fly in sit on the perch for 2 secs then off again.  Only got a few snatched shots as it flew off. 
Finally congrats to Alan J, 200 at last and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy
(at least he didn't dip(per) on this one).  
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