Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Monday Mostly Work, Tuesday All Birding

Tuesday and managed to get a day off work so shot off to Big Waters for a couple of hours and even at 06:55 as I walked past the newly sown fields I could see plenty of birds feeding including Finches and a couple of Brambling.  On opening the shutters in the hide a Kingfisher was sitting on one of its perches and stayed there for nearly 10mins even with my attempt at stealth so as not to disturb it.  John B arrived about 45mins later and had only been there a couple of mins when it returned again with just enough light and a big twist of the ISO button to enable a records shot.   Keith (him of "I got Bird of the Week Pic on Birdguides") arrived and after about half an hours banter we headed down to St Marys for a look at the Red Flanked Blue Tail expecting it to be a bit quieter than at the weekend, oh how foolish were we, the first "busload" of approx 40 arrived just 5 mins after we got there but what the hell all they were doing was what we were.   Once again it put on a great display but after 15mins we headed off for a walk round, still a few Goldcrests knocking around, a couple of Redstarts, a Whinchat and a couple of Wheatears in the Gully.  The other 2 left but I went for another wander and ended up in the cemetery where good views of a Yellow Brow and a Redpoll were had.  I then popped down to The Haven but the only thing of interest was a couple of Siskins still feeding in the bushes at the end of the peer and watching Mary release a Gull which had been injured by a Fishing Hook.   I eventually arrived home at just before 6 where my beloved had been tidying up the Garden (I struck gold there) and prepared me a lovely dinner.

A few pics from Monday at work and Tuesday out and about.

Dunnock early morning whilst replenishing Feeding Station at Work

Goldcrest - forgot to change settings from Morning Morning
Early Morning Beauty at a very high ISO
Redstart at St Marys

Red Flanked Blue Tail at St Marys

Mealy Redpoll at St Marys Cemetery

Yellow Browed Warbler at the Cemetery

Yellow Browed Warbler at St Marys Cemetery
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