Sunday, 17 October 2010

Gorgeous Sanderling

Saturday morning and back to the normal routine of Big Waters. Great views of the Kingfisher and Sparrowhawk as usual and the rest of the views of the birds would have been better but the guy with the over and under shooty shooty bang bang, at 0700, who was in the bottom of the North Field next to the water doing his One or Two for the Pot thing and just about everthing dissappeared for a while, filtering back in dribs and drabs. It was the coldest morning of the Autumn so far so was glad to have a full flask of tea to keep me warm. After a wander round with Alan J I went to St Marys where I spent a couple of hours in the North Bay with the Sanderling and Turnstones running round my feet. I just walked into the corner after a dog had put all the birds up then stood and waited and withing 5mins they were all back coming within 10ft of me. Took quite a few shots of the Sanderling so heres a few:

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