Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Non Pallas Pour Moi

Sunday and went to Cresswell as the weather, whilst bitterly cold, was quite sunny and could possibly afford some decent photograpy chances but unfortunately nothing came too close so had to rely on slightly distant shots which seemed to turn out OK.  The sandbar on Cresswell pond was showing quite well and attracting quite a few species, including a couple of Curlew Sandpipers, a few Golden Plover and loads of Lapwings.

There were several skeins of Geese over although this one was by far the biggest and eventually wheeled round and put down less than 1km from the pond.

After doing a Bird Feed replenishment run to Laverock Farm I shot off down to St Marys and after parking up at the cemetery I was "picked up" and dropped off at the toilet block by no other than the infamous Liver Birder.  He informed me that a Pallas Warbler had just been seen, so on and and off for the next few hours I watched for it getting at least 3 glances of less than 4 seconds each and a few "there it goes" and pointed fingers so unfortunately in my eyes it goes down as a wait and see it properly non tick.  Spent an hour down on the prom watching the birds being pushed closer by the incoming tide.  Once again Golden Plovers, although this time they were the dominant bird looking absolutely glorious in the sun.

Bumped into Segedunum Warbler and chewed the fat then had another wander round returning again to play "Find the Pallas" but ended up having a wander round the cemetery.  A Mealy Redpoll did appear and keep the crowd entertained on and off during the day with the odd appearance of a Goldcrest pretending to be a Pallas and keeping the audience on their toes - actually it was quite a nice day

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