Thursday, 11 November 2010

Stoatilly Super Squacco

It was off to Morpeth in Cumbria this morning at 6 (at least thats where Bird Guides thought it was in their
Week At A Glance article "and another was at Morpeth (Cumbria) on 7th–10th".  They couldn't outfox me though I knew it was in Northumberland so off to find the Squacco.  It was very dark as I stood cuddling my McDs Latte near the Blue Bridge at 6.45am and the first dogwalker stopped for a 30sec chat "the Cormorant you want was here last night" says she, thanks say I and watched her dog walk to the centre of the Blue Bridge and crap right in the middle, she just walked straight past it.  Next dogwalker a couple of minutes later asked me what I was looking for, I explained and she said she had seen it several times over the last couple of weeks and said it looked all white when it was flying.  Just 1min later this white bird came out from under the bridge and landed just about 20m down towards the town.  A quick walk down the lane and there it was on the opposite bank in full view albeit still dark.  It flew up and down the river about 20-30m each time resting for about 2mins before stretching its wings again.  I was joined about 0725 by a local birder on his way to work and it was his first opportunity to see it also.  I managed a couple of shots in which the bird is just recognisable before I had to depart to earn a daily crust.

Anyway hopefully it will stay till the weekend when I might get to see it in the daylight.

Meanwhile last weekend I managed an hour at Hauxley and for 5mins was entertained by a delightful Stoat which was just playing around only 15m from the temporary Reception Centre.  Heres a few pics which are just so delightful.

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