Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Big Six Oh

The big day came and went last Thursday, 60 years of age.   After wading through the mountain of presents and cards I managed to get a couple of hours at Big Waters whilst the beloved slipped back into the sheets for a couple of hours more sleep

I was alone at Big Waters with lots of birds for a change and a nice Sunrise.

12 Goldeneyes flitted around the pond with the occasional displaying.

On the island it was constant change with approx 60+ Lapwings arriving, the single Oystercatcher, lots of Gulls, Mallards, Teal, Greylags etc

On the Cormarant Tree were a couple of Cormarants and a couple of Gulls who never seemed to move the whole of the time I was there

I then had to shoot off home for 10 and a quick change and off we went into town for a meal and a few drinks.   We tottered into the Bus Station both weighing a few pounds heavier and it wasn't food, with the Beloved waving her Bus Pass (I still cant get mine till 6 Jan 2012 due to the new changes) around 6ish, cant believe how much public transport is.  We arrived home just before some of the kids (some just tottering around the 40 mark) arrived to hand me more pressies. 

Friday was up and away with the wife for a visit to family in Darlington, nice Full Monty in Darlington to start the day off before the visits and then a bit of Bird Watching in Newton Aycliffe area.  Saturday we started earlyish and up to Hexhamshire Common for a good couple of hours walking around.  Not a great lot to see but plenty of Thrushes around the outskirts of the moors.

On the moors themselves the Beloved got her first glimpse of Black (1 only) and Red Grouse (at least a dozen) with a couple flying off from within 2-3 feet of the path giving great views and little flutters of the heart as they hurtled form the grass. 

Returning home we purchased a new Bird Feeding Table from the Sawmill near Langley.   Great work and great prices too.  Well thats it as Sunday was another Lazy Day with only 2 hrs at Big Waters (missed the Pintails on Saturday) and then out for meals and Ice Cream with the Beloved.

Normal Service will be returned next Saturday, weather permitting I hope.
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