Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Rain, Rain and more Rain

Sunday morning armed with aqualung and flipper I set off for Big Waters, it was absolutely pissing pouring with rain but even so I stopped on the track in to listed to a lovely Song Thrush who sand for a few minutes before a territorial Blackbird came storming in.   It was still there singing 30mins later when the next lot of people came into the hide.

I think a lot of the birders in Northumberland headed for Big Waters today as there was 10 in there at one stage (much drier in than out was the reasoning I think).   Even with the persistent rain there was still quite a lot of activity.  Seeing 2 Wrens together was quite unusual though only managed a pic of one.

Once again the Mute Swans were the most active as they chased off at least 7 others who were attempting to drop in for a break.  They didn't event allow them to land and settle before they were up and at'em

The Siskins were once again numerically superior and at one stage I did a quick count of the ones sitting in the trees at the Feeding Station and got a total of 71 and that wasnt counting the numerous ones on the ground or feeders.  This one taking a bit on interest in some Peanut Butter.

When Alan J arrived he quite quickly spotted 2 Lesser Redpoll outside the Hide although they only stopped for a few seconds and a arse hurried shot from the rear was all I could manage

At 12.30 I called it a day and went home and although I was still dry, (first time I have ever had to use my emergency burgundy red brolly although it paled into insignificance alongside ISDs green and white one which could have sheltered the whole Celtic team)one can only take so much rain.
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