Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Bits and Pieces from Saturday

At Creswell very early I espied this Pied Wagtail sitting watching the Avocets and thought it might be thinking " they are black and white like me so will I grow up to be like them"

A pair of Grey Partridge hiding near the Budge Screen which were continually being harassed by a pair of Lapwings

Shovellers flexing their wings with a couple of circuits of the field before plonking themselves down in the same spot they took off from.

One of the many Meadow Pipits on the open area north of Druridge entrance.   There was plenty of Skylark, twite and Linnet around also

Finally up at Prestwick Carrs this (to me) exceptionally big Buzzard soared around for a good 10mins and in various positions seemed very light coloured

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