Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Babies and Bullys

Sunday afternoon and off to a well known birding haunt in Durham.  Spotted a couple of GSWoodpeckers, ChiffChaff then into main hide where Sedgedunumwarbler and friend were sitting down to a Wallsend 3 course meal (3 different kinds of sandwich).  After being talked to death by him (you all know what he is like) which I think was a ploy to allow Carole control of the camera enabling her to take most of the following pics.  The first chicks (6 of them) we have seen this year paraded around with the beloved tut tutting that the mother wasn't paying them enough attention.

Note the size of the feet already

There were several butterflies swirling around including Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Whites and a few Orange Tip (unless it was a single which flew around in front of the hide for about 90mins).  The Bullys were in fine form and put on a good show for all of us although getting them together for a happy couple shot (off feeders) was impossible.

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