Thursday, 14 April 2011

Mainly the Carrs with a hint of Gosforth

Tuesday late afternoon dropped into Gosforth for a quick walk round and saw at least 3 treecreepers at different points throughout my walk round.  Very quite otherwise.

I then went for a wander round Prestwick Carrs and just over the road from the White House on the way in was the Ring-Necked Parakeet which nibbled away at the growing buds for over 10mins before flying back to sit on the window sill of his adopted home.

On Wednesday afternoon, up the bumpy track I honed in on the Tawny Owl which has become a bit of a fascination to me.  A further session with my new toy (digiscoping) produced the following:

In the Horse Fields the Wheatears, 4 of them, were conspicous even from quite a distance although they were at the very limit of my equipment as the following pic will verify.

Once again approx 2-300 Golden Plover dropped in but again at quite a distance away, amazing plumage through the scope but not through the camera lens.

Other birds of note were several Willow Warblers, only 1 Chiff Chaff heard and seen and a Grasshopper Warbler reeling (only a couple of times), maybe its the weather as it was coldish with an occassional spit of rain.  A couple of deer were spotted over towards the woods
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