Friday, 20 May 2011

Another Garden Report

Carole's Garden has had a bit of TLC recently from one of the slaves sons who owed us a couple of favours, thats if you can call cutting the grass TLC.  After the influx of the Siskin then their departure it has been rather quiet

Plenty of Starling around and no sooner has Carole stuck a couple of apples out they are unmercilessly beaked to death.

The Collared Doves are still plentiful and just sit around looking mournful whilst waiting for some seed to be spilled on the ground or onto the table which is the only places they normally feed from

The Blue Tits are seen only infrequently recently as they speed through the garden to their nest boxes to feed the young uns.

About 50 to 60 House Sparrows are inhabiting the various bushes which will no doubt spew forth some more in the not too distant future.

The Gulls have thinned out a bit recently although we still have at least half a dozen Lesser Black Back and about a dozen Herring that come screeching in every couple of hours, with the odd appearance of a Common every few days.

The Starlings are becoming more numerous and we have several young ones being left in the garden for short times whilst parents nip off for a short break from the kids.   The picture below was taken approx 4-5ft from Carole and myself sitting in our seats having a cup of tea on my return from work.  The adult starling flew in with the young un in tow landed not more than 6ft from us looked up as if to say can you watch this for a few minutes then dissappeared.  It returned about 4mins later during which time the young un had pottered round beneath our feet and under the chair.  I know its "only a Starling" as some would say but its amazing to just sit and watch.

A lot of mixed bathing going on in the garden with sometimes up to about 15 birds in  that particular receptacle.

As readers will know my wifes little foible of calling blackbirds Mammies and Daddies has led her to being confused as there is obviously a nest in a hedge which we cannot see but Mammy, pictured below, seems to just sit and watch/coordinate as the now 2 Daddies (looks of disapproval from the beloved) seem to be supplying the same nest with quite a lot of tit bits and only returns to the nest when they both leave

Finally, one day last week on return from work Carole sticks the camera in my hand and says got some pics for you to look at smiling triumphantly.  Once again she has captured the Sparrowhawk, a male this time.  I get them up on the computer screen as she never looks at what she takes on the camera and just points and clicks, leaving "me" to do the tecchie stuff.  I get the pics on the screen and zoom in a bit and she says as you say its a matter of being there at the right time still gloating and then as I zoom in a Great Tits head becomes quite obvious sticking out from the Sparrowhawks left leg talons.  I will not repeat what Carole said but several expletives of anglo saxon origin were used.  

Well another Garden Blog finished except for a couple of reports.  Last night our first Swift flew across promptly followed by several others, a pair of greenfinches have started to appear once or twice a day, the Dunnock has a nest not far from the Blackbird as they seem to use the same access point to the thick hedge which is directly below where the cats like to lie although they just sit and look up  for quite lengthy times then get bored and go back to sleep.  Butterflies are now being seen with at least 5 different species.
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