Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Beacon Hill

Sunday and headed for my first ever trip to Beacon Hill.   First encounters when nearing the Hill was with Hares, at least 6 were seen during my wander round

Deer seemed to pop out in several places and this one just stood and watched me whilst I got out of the car and took a couple of snaps.  It didn't run till I got back in the car and headed towards it  and was only about 20m away before it skedaddled.

This quite impressive herd of horses seemed to be posed for a shot when I passed so I stopped and obliged.

Red Legged Partridge appeared on the road on several occassions with a clutch of 4 being the highest count.

Spotted one Lesser Whitethroats near the farm but only got close to Whitethroats which there were several around and singing from various perches

Then again deer popped out, on the same road but about 3/4 mile further on
I will have to compare the pics properly to see if its the same one.

Further on through Beacon Hill there was a sizeable flock of Linnet and Goldfinch which were doing circuits then landing on the road for a portion of that Northumbrian delicacy Sun Baked Gravel and whatever else was down there

Plenty of Willow Warblers around

Then headed back home to collect beloved for Sunday Lunch and a bit of the old cold white stuff from Seaton Deleval (aahhhh heaven).  Then went for a sit on the headland at Tynemouth where a little bit of excitement was the lifeboat coming out at very fast pace to tow in the yacht which I think had lost its engine and was bobbing around midway between the lighthouses.

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