Friday, 6 May 2011

Shibdon Again

Another early start at Shibdon, still crap light though but a nice Greenshank on show for over an hour.

It spent most of its time with its head under its wing in the "I've had a hard night position so leave me alone" which was an open invite for Swans, Coots and whatever was passing by to give it a poke or squawk which had it lifting up for 10ft then trying to have a nap again.  Personally I felt it was a bit like the Charles Atlas advert of many moons ago and the Greenshank was the 7 Stone weakling on the beach.

Then along came a couple of Shoveller with more on their mind than a recreational swim.  They put on a bit of a display and gave us a few not so normal view, mind you this censored one does nothing for it in the good look stakes although I've heard said that bigger is better.

The Terns then started appearing, 8 at one stage, and gave us a bit of a flying and diving display although one of them must have been out with the Greenshank and it spent all of its time just perched on the log with the Greenshank doing its head in the "sand" act.

Finally a small recording of a Shoveller preening itself with that awesome beak

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