Thursday, 5 May 2011

Spotted A Dipper

Up the Derwent for 30mins before work, parked the car and headed for the weir when 4 Dippers came flying past me.  2 of them flew to the top of the weir, presumably the adults although when I got the bins up I could only locate 1 Adult, meanwhile 2 "young uns" decided to have a splash around quite close to me.  I spent 25mins watching them after sitting on the bank and forgetting that I had my work clothes on ended up with really muddy shoes and a damp ar*e, but it was worth it.  They didnt do proper dipping but just seemed to walk in the water with their beaks open occassionally dipping their head under.

Having a few minutes in hand after the Dippers dissappeared I popped down to Shibdon and the hide was already occupied with a chap watching a Spotted Redshank.  It kept calling so thought it was going to depart but it stayed for 15mins giving enough time to watch it closely and get a few pics even though the light was the worst it has been for several weeks.

Also managed to get a couple of videos although the chap (me) doing the focusing could have been better (Should have gone to Specsavers as I have had 2 reminders in the past week)

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