Wednesday, 1 June 2011

3 Day Weekend (Part 2)

As seen in many Blogs Avocets are now nursing chicks and they are doing it with such passion it is amazing. 

They chase anything that comes within "looking" distance of the young and it doesent matter how big or small you are (couldn't get a pic of one seeing off a Pied Wagtail - but why) they are up and away at any bird violating their air space (even quicker than the Iranians) before anything gets overhead, with the youngsters scuttling to one of the parents then forming a millipedish looking Avocet. 

I have seen other Avocets take up the role "Bouncer" whilst the Parents are doing other things also.

Meanwhile at many nestboxes around the country nothing can be more delightful that the little head poking out and wondering if they can pluck up the courage for that first flight (actually this one is an adult who had just been feeding at a fast and furious rate and was obviously taken a well earned breather)

I inadvertently bought a 4 wheel Panda mothtrap recently as when I stopped at Cresswell where it was a bit blowy, I was setting up my Scope when 3 of these moths came out of the bushes and settled down under the engine of my car and hung on there for over 15mins before returning back to the bushes

I know some people think these are a pain but definitely an amazing looking bird.  It hung aroud my drivers door in the car park whilst I was tucking into Ambles finest Pie and Chips.  It was alone most of the time till I got to the end and chucked it a couple of scraps when another 30 appeared out of nowhere.

Finally the bird of the weekend goes to the Terek Sandpiper so get out your magnifying glasses its on there somewhere

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