Sunday, 5 June 2011

Thursday and Friday

Thursday and Friday off work so shot off down to Blackhall Rocks and got this pin sharp photo of the Surf Scoter (its the 4th from the right for those who haven't seen one before so you dont have to get your Collins out).  I met 6 different birders whilst I was there and it was a lifer for all of us.

The area around the top of the cliffs seemed to be a place for a good walk round later on as I heard at least 3 Grasshopper Warblers, had glimpses of several species, the most prominent being Whitethroats.

A few Caterpillars were around although this was by far the prettiest, a Drinker Moth (if I'm wrong I know I will be corrected)

Quite a few Swallows which were a bit quick for my old eyes and new(ish) camera although did manage to get a nice colourful shot when they came down for a rest.

Back home to do a couple of chores for the beloved then off out again. 
Spotted a couple of Sedge Warblers and got some pics that look as though they have been photoshopped (must read the instruction manual on basic settings) although as most of you will know that my pics are of such a high quality (LOL) that I have never done any post picture production apart from DLighting and a tad sharpening here and there.

My pic of the 2 days is this delightful Red Squirrel which walked upright along this log reminding me of Alan Ladd in Shane

In Gosforth Nature Reserve there was quite a few offspring of many species knocking around, this was one of 2 Blue Tits which just sat in the hedge on one of the paths calling away for parents to feed them, bit like the kids when they leave home but keep popping in to cadge a meal, a few quid, a bit of advice etc etc.  I think Swans have the right idea, when the offspring have achieved self feeding status they chase them off (Luv all our Kids, really)

Nice Reed Warbler which sings incessantly in the Reeds although I always thought they only sang continually when they hadn't found a mate as this one tends to be with another and short of them holding hands as proof,  I am presuming they are a couple

Reed Bunting catching "Flying Things" which I thought was quite good until Keith C sitting next to me showed me his which he took using his "second" camera as his main one had run out of electricity.  If you want to see some good pics you should see his here

Finally finishing off on the cute "aahhh" factor with this signet which had got detached from the family (was only 10m distant) and was calling away and the latter pic showing it back in the clan.

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