Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Rising Sun

Early Morning wanders at the Rising Sun Reserve on a sunny morning should be mandatory for all BOFs like myself.   The amount of Wrens around at the moment is phenomenal and every few yards down the track a different one is singing marking out their territory with young ones flitting around also.

Always at the top of the bushes the Greenfinches pound out their strange sounding song which always reminds me of someone with a cold.  Mind you the colours of them especially with the low sun in the mornings is astounding.

At Dukes Pond the proliferation of Swifts is spectacular yet despite spending a lot of time taking pictures and an even bigger amount of time deleting the following are the best I could manage.  p.s  was there this morning also having another go

Also looking like its been dunked a few times in a dipping pool is this Blackcap (think it is anyway)

Finally the Stag is getting more stunning even though it spends a bit of time moving around away from the dog-walkers who I have seen twice in the past week climb over the fence into the horse fields then take their 6 Beagle-ish looking hounds into the field disturbing the Stag and the horses, the dogs also crapping all over the place.

Will post the weekends stuff later as my machine at home is playing up and have to get the MCSE engineer out (one of the sons) to show me where the on and off switches are (I remember teaching him everything he knew about computers at one stage of his life LOL now when I ask him a question (normally a stupid one) he is ever so patient)
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