Thursday, 9 June 2011

Gosforth To Hartlepool

At Gosforth last weekend I had some great views of several Little Grebes

Looks like Male Sticklebacks were the main course for adults

These 2 young Little Grebes kept appearing but were always chased off by the adult Little Grebes although they were smaller.  Note the one in the background with its long neck which when side by side was much longer than the adults also.  Suppose its a bit like when Peter (Crouchy) and I go out for a drink

Then there was the Reed Warblers which I never get sick of seeing or hearing

I did get down to Hartlepool but thankfully missed the Ladders Fiasco and walked into a well behaved twitch of about 50 in the kind Doctors Garden in beautiful sunlight.  20mins later after several good views the skies opened for a torrential downpour.  Stepped into the garage then came out when it stopped.  If only all viewing of birds was as easy as this, but then again there would be no challenge but an occasional one like this is quite good.   I wont bore you with my "pin sharp" shots of the Robin but havent seen many flight shots so heres one (LOL)

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