Thursday, 7 July 2011

Coquet Island

Sunday and we shot of early (well earlyish as the beloved has her cuppa, toast, biccy and banana) although we were at Castle Island by 06.40 and within 1 min had eventually had some great views of the Male Ruff, 8 Common Sandpipers but no Spoonbills.  We then moved on to Amble for a bacon buttie and a cuppa and to get a pair of tickets for the RSPB boat to Coquet Island.  Back to Hauxley for a wander round and a stoat nearly running over Caroles feet as we were scanning the lake from the viewing point on the East side of the main lake.  Carole spotted a Little Egret but didn't bother to mention it till the chap next to me mentioned it and Carole said yes its over in the corner, been there for about 5mins.   After another 5 mins it changed position so we went into the hide to try and see it from another angle when it took off and several of us watched it fly for a couple of minutes directly towards Coquet Island.  We then headed back to Amble for Sunday Dinner and found a nice hostely just on the outskirts where the "Trio Of Meat" Sunday Dinner went down a treat, then a walk through the harbour whilst waiting for the boat to Coquet.  Got a nice few shots of Swallows of which the following were the best.

Over to Coquet but didn't take a lot of pics as I was too busy watching the birds.  Will have to go back another day and get some proper pics as I only pointed and clicked the shutter about 50 times and the following were the best of a bad bunch

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