Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Return of the Blue and Orange Streak

Just a quick bit of info for Keith, Jeff, Maria and all those fond of a bit of the blue flash.  On Saturday I was passing a place over the river and decided to drop in and see what was around - well Stuart was as usual and when I asked had he seen anything his reply was not since last year although he had been there a few times for his normal 8hr + sessions.  I then started to put my gear down and the familiar peep peep was heard in the distance but when I asked none of the others had heard it so I looked out over the lake and there speeding towards us was a Kingfisher, it landed on the stick and stayed there for a great 5 Seconds and all I managed to get was a fleeting shot completely blurred but still proof of its existence.

It flew round for about 45secs staying in view all the time and then flew high into a tree in between the lake and the path down to the car park and stayed there for 5 mins before flying off across the front of the hide and away towards the river.

ps. someone there had forgotten to switch his camera to autofocus and therefore didn't get any pics and shouted something about people working in pubs which I couldn't quite comprehend (think it was bar steward or something like that) I hadn't changed my settings and was trying to grab camera from bag and the 3rd chap there (very nice guy called Stephen) who was in the same steep learning curve as me a few years ago (still steep now actually) pointed his Mr Nikon and got 2 superb photos which he was absolutely elated about.   Went there this morning before work and as I walked into the hide it took of and didnt come back but was consoled by some great views of a Little Grebe and a couple of Tufted Ducks and some great Swallow and Martin watching.

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