Thursday, 11 August 2011

Early Morning

An early morning wander round St Marys on Sunday last was great, nary a soul to disturb anything so just sat in a couple of places and watched the world and the birds go by for a couple of hours.  There always seems to be 1 Curlew feeding in the same place on the corner of the beach and several times I have seen it take what looks like a large mussell then fly out to one of the points and stay there until pushed off by the incoming tide, today was no exception

As I stood on the rocks watching the birds flying around a single Dunlin landed only 6-7m from me and just stood there stretching his neck and peering around before settling down for about 5mins in the same spot without moving.

Even when I moved away it just stayed hunched there.  Moving back to the centre of the beach sitting on a rock as the tide pushed the birds up, especially the Sanderling.  As the water got closer some of the birds, instead of running across in front of me, would take to the wing and do a 8-10m flight hop whilst others were happy to walk directly in front of me so it gave me a chance to improve my flight photography skills (NOT)

Ringed Plover
It stayed peaceful until the first dog walkers arrived and put the Golden Plover up which were absolutely stunning then shortly afterwards I headed for Big Waters

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