Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Saturday Was A Good Day

Friday morning and a quick run up to Prestwich Carrs to stretch my legs.  First things I set eyes on were a bunch of Ruff in the flooded field at the front of Mayfair cottage.  Stayed in the car, photographing through hedges, so as not to alarm them but found out later they were quite accommodating from speaking to someone and looking at someone else's pics.  I then parked up and went for my wander which was not very successful apart from a few Lapwings, Golden Plover and Gulls but did feel a bit better when I got to work.

Saturday morning and off to Druridge arriving by 06.15.  It was extremely quiet and only saw 1 car upon arrival and there were just 2 when I left some 2hrs later.  A quick look from the Budge Screen produced nothing, you could hide an elephant in some of the grass so off to the pond and on the path I bumped into this inquisitive little fella.  He was on the boardwalk when I first saw him and I was just turning onto the path by the seat so I just stopped and after 3-5mins he had worked his way down to just in front of me stopping and looking every 5m or so then he sat for 30 secs staring then just wandered off into the undergrown with what looked like a cheeky grin saying I've finished looking now you can be on your way

The screen at the end of the path produced exactly what the other did "nothing", could hear a few chirps, whistles and miscellaneous thing but all I could see was tall greenery.  The pool hid was a bit more productive as I put my gear down ever so silently, set by bins up and put Mr Nikon close by then silently I opened the first shutter, I had peaked through a gap and could see quite a few Teal dozing by the side of the pool so I raised the shutter and fastened it looked out then the shutter decided to attack my head, luckily I had a hat on which softened the blow but still felt a bit shaken for a few minutes.  The Teal had shot off and not a thing could be seen.  After a few minutes a Common Sandpiper decided to come in for a bath and frolicked around in the water then perched on a couple of stones just preening but with very little bobbing.

The early morning sun then went behind the clouds giving crap light just in time for the arrival of a couple of Spotted Redshank who paraded back and forward for 10mins and whilst getting great view the photography leaves a lot to be desired.  There are some decentish pics on a couple of the blogs, see Alan T's, but heres a few of mine anyway

Also saw a Greenshank but it landed behind the tall stuff and never really stuck its head out so after a couple of hours the pull of Big Waters had me going up the Spine Road  and arriving at 09.15.  Decided to have a look from the Public end but all that was on view was a couple of Cormorants on the dead tree at the island and the Otter dissappearing up the gully on the North side (was the Otter the cause of complete "nothingness" along with the 2ft rise of the water?).  Wandering down to the Feeding Station there was very little to see apart from this little beauty as I was snapping away with my little Fuji

In the Feeding Station there was quite a lot of activity with the Sedge Warbler nipping from table to cage to wherever there is seed (unusual, but entertaining) and seeming to feed at each stop.

A couple of Juvenile Bullfinches with an Adult Male spent a short time checking the Feeding Station then off they went but did return an hour later for another 5minutes.

Also up to 5 Siskins (2 male, 2 female) were flitting around

Plenty of other birds around including a couple of Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Tree Sparrows, quite a few Greenfinches, at least 3 Wrens, Willow Warbler, Chiff Chaff which resulted in the pass through of a Sparrowhawk on a couple of occasions.  Meanwhile out on the pond very little was happening apart from the Mute Swans with their band of 7 Sygnets, a few Mallard, Coots and Moorhens and the strange absence of Gulls made one wonder "Where the Hell are they".  On the way out several Peacock and Whites were spotted along with this delectable Red Admiral

I then popped up to Gosforth where it was even quieter but had some outstanding views of a Sparrowhawk as I departed

A great day out was had by one and all (one)

p.s.  couldn't be bothered to check for typos
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