Sunday, 7 August 2011

Water, Water Everywhere

Last week I went into work via the quayside and under the Tyne Bridge and saw quite a lot of Kittiwakes still flying around.  Yesterday morning I decided to go for a walk along the quayside and was suprised to find that the majority of Kittiwakes had departed.  After about 20mins looking I could only account for 3 Nests that were still occupied with young ones and only managed 4 adults flying around.  After all the hoohah about the smell and dirt earlier on in the year what will happen next.  Here is a pic of one of the last 3 remaining chicks I could find from Friday morning.  Think what you would be missing if some misguided council officials decide that pristine looking bridges and granite is better than co-existing with nature.

Saturday morning and off to Big Waters via Arcot, but alas nothing to see at Arcot apart from a few Mallards, couple of Lapwings and an Oystercatcher, not even a Gray Heron flying away as I walked in off the road.  So on to Big Waters dipping pond with the clouds already thickening and not a dragon/damselfly in sight, 2 new Exuviae but nothing hatching.  Down the track to the hide where I had my first sighting of something different, 14 Partridge darting back and forward across the path.

Spotted a couple of Siskins at the entrance to the reserve and further on a couple of Bullfinches and on arrival at the Feeding Station a couple more Siskins were happily eating away on the Niger (all 4 of them were not ringed so there must be a few about as I think Alan ringed a couple on Friday).

A couple of Wrens played hide and seek with me and John B as we tried to get our Lens pointing at them but eventually I got a couple of shots in the ever decreasing light.

At this point I decide to head home, pick the wife up and take her out to Lunch, but first a quick trip to Banks Pond and as I opened the gate to go into the pond the skies started emptying the Atlantic Ocean so back in and away home.  It chucked it down for the rest of the day but Lunch in the Cube in The Gate was lovely.  I asked the Beloved if we could go to the match but she wanted to get back home (poor thing was tired out from all the eating) so off we went home via Seaton Deleval (Ice Cream Time) as the lunch was just digesting enough to make space.  Sat in Seaton Deleval and finished the Ice Cream then a quick nip back in for a big one for the freezer.  On the way home we were listening to the match and just as we arrived home they called it a day.  Saved you some money there my Beloved whispered into my ear (laughing hysterically).
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