Thursday, 4 August 2011

A Pleasant 90 Minutes

Thursday morning and I hadn't been out for a couple of days so off to Shibdon for 90mins before work.  Got there about 5.45 and within a few mins was joined by George S.  Within a short while, after exchanging pleasantries as we hadn't met for a few weeks a Green Sandpiper walked into view from the right hand side of the hide. 

If you took any notice of the weather this morning you would have seen it was not the day for an early morning foray out with a camera as exhibits 1 thru 4 prove.  There was plenty of activity around the pond with various Gulls, lots of Cormorants, a few Terns, a couple of broods of Mallards and when I arrived at the hide I had to wade my way through 30+ Canadas and a Greylag with a Barnacle off in the distance.  A Kingfisher then appeared flying across the pond towards the perches but on espying the Green Sandpiper it made a beeline for it and attempted to chase it off.


A little while later the Kingfisher returned and headed for one of its normal perches.

Also resting on one of the nice mud banks were a family of Shelducks which slept from when I arrived till I left (I checked to make sure they were not Spoonbills in disguise before I left).  

Just as I was departing a familiar call headed towards me and sure enough a Greenshank was dropping in, so even despite the bloody awful weather a pleasant hour and a half to prepare myself for the rigours of 8hrs office work was great.
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