Tuesday, 2 August 2011

What A Bargain

Haven't had a chance to blog lately due to work and one of my sons visiting along with 2 of his children.  Been sitting ouside at night playing with the little one he is 2 and feeding bottles of beer to his brother, he is 25.    Anyway down to the important bit.  Most of the weekend was spent at Big Waters with the early morning shift producing a lovely Southern Hawker which had just exited its Exuviae (No doubt your getting bored with pics of them, but guess what, I am not).

Into the feeding station and a Great Spotted Woodpecker was hanging on a peanut feeder for quite a while gorging itself stupid.

and then when he noticed I had Mr Nikon pointed at him he gave me a look that would have struck fear into mortal photographers but I hesitated for only a second and then carried on taking pics fearlessly

Also making glimpsing appearances were a couple of Sedge Warblers who face on are very attractive birds (I'm only saying that cos it was the only pic I managed to get)

During the ringing session which produced quite a number of birds early on but slackened off as the day got hotter and the birds where we should have been, resting, a Wood Pigeon decided to be the last bird of the day as he flew into a net just as we were about to pack up.  Dont normally take a lot of notice of them but when seen close up they are a strange looking thing, especially the way the head seems flat, although this might not be the norm.  

The complete opposite was the smallest bird of the day, a delectable Wren.

Finally, on Sunday after a nice Sunday Lunch, then a stroll around St Marys the Beloved and I headed for an Ice Cream at Seaton Deleval where we sat outside in the Landrover Discovery (disguised as a Fiat Panda) and lovingly consumed them.  Upon finishing I was severely tempted to go for another one when Carole suggested getting one to take home, without hesitation I gave her a tenner to go and get one and when she returned with the following and handed me £6.10p change. WHAT A BARGAIN

As you can all see the ice cream is on the middle shelf on the right, just taking the freezer chill off it before serving.  A brilliant bargain and it will save me having to detour to Seaton Deleval, apart from next Sunday when I go to get 3 for the freezer, so thats my puddings for the week sorted

Not much of a blog but will promise to try and do better at the weekend.
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