Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A Weasley Good Weekend

At last a bit about the weekend at Big Waters, Saturday was great, bad light but great views of two different Kingfishers early morning but seems to shoot off about 9am.    So heres yet another snap of one, whilst not in the same league as other with quantity of pics taken I must admit if one turns up I watch first then Mr Nikon get to have a look also

Also a bit of a distant video of one fishing

There were at least 3 different Great Spotted Woodpeckers around also with a couple of them having a go at the new "Totem Pole"

Once again another short video this time of the GSWoodpecker

The highlight of the weekend though was the Small Mammal trapping event which was done by a lady whose name escape me but she was extremely knowledgable and 18 of the 20 traps produced mammals including various voles and shrews with best being my first view of a Pygmy Shrew which unfortunately was about the only thing I didnt photograph.  One of the traps contained a weasel, how it managed to get in there was unbelievable but I suppose the lure of easy food was too much.  The traps are opened in a big plastic bag but when the one with the weasel in was opened and it leapt out the poor chap doing the opening nearly had a coronary.  It was put into a plastic box after a minute or so, in order for it to be released so as not to stress it out but it just kept sticking its head over the box and looking around at us.  After a few minutes it shot out and darted between the planking on the boardwalk.

Finally a couple of random shots from the weekend

Get Off My Tree
Part of a Flock of 114 Greylags arriving at Big Waters

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