Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Its Saturday So Where Was I ??

Saturday morning at Big Waters and the Sunrise was stunning

The mist hanging over the pond gave some great effects.

The early morning light made some of the birds look different especially this Dunnock

The ducks on the pond are beginning to increase with a record count of Gadwall (8 male, 8 females) heading the list.  The adult Mute Swan count also rises daily with the highest total being 29 as far as I know.  The resident pairs Sygnets had their first full flight on Saturday and circled the pond twice and caused a bit of panic with the visiting adults so 10 of them took off also and flew around with the Sygnets.  Am still trying to figure out what is going to happen when the Sygnets leave and if there will be a takeover as there is quite a bit of posturing, bullying, and side-taking going on

A few Pochard have been showing, along with a double figure count of Tufted and a couple of Great Crested and  3 Little Grebe.  The Coot count is now up to 26 after quite a while staying at 23.  Quite a few Wigeon are also around although one minute there is at least a dozen and a minute later you cant see one

In the Feeding Station a couple of Chiff Chaffs have been seen, a Redpoll, several GS Woodpeckers and the occasional Yellowhammer.

Once again another short video of a Woodpecker which gets closer and closer

A Marsh Harrier was seen and photographed on Monday afternoon by Paul and Robin, unfortunately I was at work.
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