Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Gosforth Park

With the weather being totally crap on Sunday after an obligatory trip to Big Waters I decided
to try out the new Feeding Station Hide at Gosforth Park.  Its well laid out and is certainly starting
to attract the birds.  For about 30 seconds at one stage I could see 4 Treecreepers within a
5 to 25m range.

There were at least 2 Nuthatches doing darting raids looking for Sunflower
Seeds or the peanuts wedged in the fat.

Whilst not exactly unique this pose of a Nuthatch is not one you see very often

Also the Feeding Station was alive with Blue and Coal Tits but strangely no
Finches came in either although you could see plenty within a 25m radius
of the hide.

Monday morning at work I was pleased to see the return of the
Mistle Thrushes, 4 of them in fact.  This one never moved from the
top of the lamp post for some time even when a couple of Jackdaws
flew past mobbing a Sparrowhawk.

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