Saturday, 12 November 2011

Big Water Tick 109

Saturday and off Big Water, the 12 Whoopers were still there although they all gathered together just after 8 and then took off headed east towards the coast.  The familiar trill of the Waxwing drew my attention to 8 of them flying in the direction of Prestwick Carr.  The pond was very busy by 8.30 with 80+Greylags, 28 Mute Swans, a couple of Barnacle Geese, 2 Great Crested and a Little Grebe, 13 Cormorant, 11 Canada Geese, lots of Wigeon and Teal, a few Tufted, Mallards, Coots, a Couple of Water Rail and the whole pot being stirred by an Otter, a Sparrowhawk, a Buzzard and the Police Helicopter. 

About 9.30 I headed up to Prestwick Carr and couldn't have timed it better arriving just in time to see the Great Grey Shrike again putting in a good appearance for about 20 mins with a another couple of its stunning hovering displays.  I returned to Big Waters after a bit of crack with Peter and John and a few others and bumped into Alan J and John D who were just leaving and John had seen 7 White Fronted Geese (Albifrons), 8 Pinkfeet Geese and an adult Otter with 2 cubs.  The only occupant in the hide was Maria so another good chatting session was had which was rudely interrupted by 2 birds coming out of the reeds in front of the hide, looking around then taking to the air, the good news was they were a year tick for me for Big Waters (Goosander) but only got a shot of their backsides as they took off.

Also was glad to see the Whoopers had returned, all 12 of them.

On the way out there was an absolute gorgeous greenfinch which I couldn't resist watching for 10 mins

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