Friday, 11 November 2011

Great Grey Day

Left work early and popped up to Prestwick Carr and got some great views of the
Great Grey Shrike.
It flitted from bush to bush and hovered quite a bit although it never seemed to dive from the hover to the
ground.  When it did go to ground it just dropped from the bush or post it was on and stayed for between
20-30 Seconds

Had a bit of a chat with Peter and Dick who joined me on the bumpy road just as the Shrike was
chased of by a couple of Magpies.  They had been watching it from the approach road and had
also been having good views.  Plenty of Fieldfare around, a solitary Snipe flew over and apart
from a Kestrel which seemed to be around most of the time I was there it was pretty quiet.

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