Saturday, 5 November 2011

Big Waters During The Week

Found quite a few of these around Big Waters, more than 20 in fact, so not knowing what they were I contacted the Ranger Service who told me that they were cut to allow them to sow Yellow Rattle wildflower seeds.  Yellow Rattle is a parasitic flower which attaches itself to the roots of grasses and stunts its growth. This has a beneficial effect on the meadows as many wildflower species struggle growing amongst lush grass. Alternatively they are a message to aliens

Still appearing at Big Waters by popular request are a couple of Barnacle Geese along with a cast of normally 70+ Greylags although late this afternoon there was 120+. 

The Cormorant numbers are increasing and they numbers seem to peak early morning with my best count so far being 18.  The 12 Whooper Swans are still there today, thats 17 days now since their arrival.

The Gulls take over the dead tree at times.

But when the Cormorants decide to go back the Gulls are forced to give up their places

The Buzzards normally stay on the North side of the Pond but last weekend a couple of them came on the South side to do a bit of soaring.

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