Sunday, 6 November 2011

Another Good Day Out

Over the past couple of weeks several ringed birds have been spotted by visitors to Big Waters and some of the results received so far are:

Cormorant - ringed as a nestling at Rutland Water (no info if it was of the sinensis race)believe this has also been seen on Castle Island
Whooper Swan - ringed as an adult female at Welney in 2009
Black-head Gull - ringed as pullus in 2010 at Hirsholm, Frederikshavn, Denmark*
Barnacle Goose - ringed in 2007 as an adult female on Nordenskiold in Spitsbergen !!!
Mute Swan - TNT is a nice recovery, ringed as a female cygnet at Carham on the River Tweed on 08/08/2003. There are no subsequent sightings in the database so great to find out about a bird that's been off the radar for 8 years.

Still waiting for 3 reports from BTO

So remember all of you Big Waters people if you see a ring or photo it, please let someone know (preferably Alan as he seems to get the info much quicker than me)

Took a pic of the birds from yesterday to save me typing it out (didnt have time as one of the kids popped
in after her visit to Nigeria)

Always take a few shots early morning when I arrive and was particularly
pleased with this one

Some great Fungi around at the moment with this one, for me, definitely the
pick of the bunch (took some better ones with my small compact but when Carole
and I went for a meal in the afternoon I left my camera on the table but didnt
realise till this morning, checked with the hostelry but no trace of it, so if you get
offered a cheap black Nikon dont buy it because its been back to Nikon 3 times to get repaired)

I mentioned previously that lots of Pheasants are in the Feeding Station filling themselves
up on apples so there are plenty of opportunites to get some great pics of this
extremely photogenic bird

Once again though my attention is drawn to the Whooper Swans who seem to
dominate the pond at the moment 

Day was rounded of well though with The Toon still carrying on their run
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